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NEWS | 1st March 2019

Hepatitis A Vaccination Promo RM120 Nett (March to Sept 2019)


Hepatitis A is a type of liver disease caused by virus HAV transmitted through contaminated water or food or through direct contract with an infectious person.

Hepatitis A infection is very much associated with lack of safe water, poor sanitation and personal hygiene (dirty hands). Even though Hepatitis A is not as common as Hepatitis B and C infection, however with the borderless globalization, virus travels everywhere, especially for those who travels often to areas of high endemicity, it would be ideal to get vaccinated before going. Having sexual contact with infection person would also put you a higher risk to get infected.

Therefore, why ignore?

TDMC is currently offering Hepatitis A vaccination package at only RM120 nett (Normal rate: RM225), promotion period from March to Sept 2019.

If you wish to find out more, call us at +603-7982 6500 (Ext: 8377) today!


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