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NEWS | 1st December 2018

HPV & Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 

Based on data released by Ministry of Health, cervical cancer is the 3rd common cancer in the country, follow after Breast Cancer and Colo-rectal Cancer.  

Yearly, more than 2000 new cases discovered and more than 600 women died due to cervical cancer. 

This is pretty disappointed with the fact that there are available screening in each of clinics and hospitals. From the conventional Pap Smear till Liquid Based Cytology and now HPV DNA, which in certain cases, it considers a substitute test of Pap Smear are available. 

However, the studies show that only 50% of women going for cervical screening every year, compared to 75% to 90% in developed countries. Some are not keen to be seen by male gynaecologists. 

Taman Desa Medical Centre will be having a comprehensive cervical screening which inclusive of : Liquid Based Cytology and HPV Screening that able to rule out 99% of cervical cancer viruses. This package will begin from December 2018 onward. 

For appointment, kindly contact our specialist clinic at +603-7982 6500 (Ext: 2520)! 

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